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In this blog post, we will discuss who wears kilts and when they do it. We’ll also talk about the different types of kilts available to purchase. This is a casual article that can be used as background information for those interested in wearing a kilt or shopping for one!

Who wear kilts?

The kilt is a traditional piece of Scottish dress, worn by men and boys. It is a type of skirt that wraps around the body and fastens at the waist. A kilt extends from just below or to mid-thigh, with an overlap in front which can be pulled up for added coverage when required. The length has varied over time (being influenced by changes in fashion), but generally ranges between 15 inches/38 cm and 33 inches/84 cm.

When are kilts worn?

Kilts are often worn by men in the context of traditional Scottish Highland dress. There is a lot of debate about when kilts first came to Scotland and it isn’t always clear because there have been so many variations over time, but they were originally seen as everyday wear for Scotsmen. However, once people started wearing them out of the country, they became a symbol of Scotland.

Kilts can be formal or casual wear in some areas depending on what you have access to and how strict that culture is about them being appropriate for certain events such as weddings. They also tend to be more popular during summer because most people don’t have to wear underwear with them. For women, they are a casual garment and can be worn as swimwear or in other ways that don’t require it to cover the entire body.

What are kilts made of?

The original kilts were traditionally made from woven wool and this continues to be the material used for most formal occasions today; however, there have been some modern adaptations in the use of synthetic materials.

The traditional tartan patterns were usually (but not always) associated with a particular clan and, for this reason, the selection of which pattern to wear was an important decision. The wearing of kilts by non-clansmen – so called “strangers” or “outsiders”- has occasionally been regarded as provocative but is now generally accepted.

What do men wear under kilts?

A man wears his kilt with nothing under it except for an underwear brief or tight fitting long shorts. Women wear skirts and blouses, trousers (e.g., leggings), short skits or jeans underneath their kilts to protect against chafing from the kilt-material rubbing against the skin.

Types of Kilts

There are many types of kilts available to purchase, including the basic kilt, the clan tartan and even ladies’ skirts. Some high-end designers have taken a more creative approach with their designs for this garment. One such example is Hedi Slimane’s “mini” version in black leather, with silver ornamentation.

The most common type of kilt is the basic or traditional Scottish tartan, which can be worn with a shirt and tie. It’s appropriate for any occasion from weddings to sporting events to casual wear. The clan tartans are designed so that members of clans can identify one another in battle as well as during peacetime. In the United States, this garment is available to purchase from retailers such as L.L.Bean and Lands’ End, among others.

Kilts are also an important part of women’s fashion today with a variety of styles now in existence that can be worn in different settings for various purposes – Highland Games, weddings or even just to get a feel for the garment.

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Who Wears Kilts?

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