Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

New Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest and greatest way of growing your business. 

Whether your business is a traditional offline business, or an online ecommerce store, there’s a good chance that a digital marketing agency can help increase revenue. 

We recently spoke with Melbourne HubSpot Solutions Partner Damien Elsing from CLCK Digital about some of the latest digital marketing trends to grow your business. 

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is defined as any online activity to promote a business activity. 

This includes website design and development, SEO, paid traffic (social and search engine), social media marketing, content marketing, conversion rate optimisation (getting more traffic to convert into leads), and more. 

Who is Digital Marketing for?

Any business that’s capable of interacting with potential customers in an online environment can benefit from digital marketing. 

Even offline businesses like restaurants and retail stores have used online marketing successfully to connect with their customers and drive growth. Examples of this could be a Facebook page or a website booking system. 

Businesses where digital marketing can have the biggest impact are ones whose customers can be found in multiple places online. 

What Are Some Trends to Watch for in Digital Marketing?

Damien gave us a few insights into what’s working now for his clients in digital marketing:

“We’re seeing great results from a variety of channels, including organic search (SEO), marketing automation, and especially email marketing.”

“All of these things are still working just as well as they used to.” 

Even though people are often looking for the ‘next big thing’ in digital marketing, it’s all about measuring and testing what’s working, and what can show the best ROI. 

For example, if you are trying several things such as Google Ads, SEO, LinkedIn ads, and joint ventures, you might find that your cost per lead (CPL) from Google Ads is the lowest. It then makes sense to double down on this and lower your spend in other areas until the CPL levels out. 

What Should Digital Marketers Focus On? 

If you want to use digital marketing to grow your business, a good idea is to test different ideas and see what works. 

Marketing is all about testing and optimisation. By trying something new and reviewing the results, we can improve over time and find the best ways to increase web traffic, leads, and eventually sales. 

For marketers wanting a “quick fix”, it’s difficult to predict what’s going to be working in the future. This is because by the time a particular channel has become widely known about, it’s already too late to make it really profitable. 

Examples of this are when people used to be able to buy Google or Facebook traffic for cents per click. The same traffic now can cost 100 times more for competitive industries. 

For this reason, it pays to be constantly testing new channels and adapting your business to take advantage of emerging technologies. 

What to Avoid in Your Digital Marketing 

What you want to avoid in your online marketing is not tracking results. 

If you are spending time, effort, and money on growing traffic and leads online, you really want to know what’s working and what isn’t. This will make it much easier to refine your digital marketing strategy over time. 

Another thing you want to avoid is making decisions too quickly. Many digital marketing initiatives take time to come to fruition. 

For example, you might be spending several hours per week building links to your website so you can boost organic rankings, but it can take weeks or months for the results to come in. 

Much of what you are doing today will pay dividends months or years from now. 

Final Thoughts on Digital Marketing

By implementing a solid digital marketing strategy you can improve the bottom line of almost any type of business, whether it be a traditional offline store, or an online business such as ecommerce or SaaS. 

It’s only by trying new things with your marketing that you’ll find new ways to grow, and in many cases stumble across strategies that other people haven’t found yet. This is where the “big wins” in your digital marketing are possible.